The Adore Journey

Adore Dance began 5 years ago when Ms Juanita moved to the beautiful Whitsundays, bringing with

her 20 years of teaching experience and knowledge. Our Dance Studio is truly one of a kind. Everything

was carefully thought out in order to give our dancers the best possible experience, atmosphere 

& training. Ensuring students are taught correct technique right from the start is

extremly important at Adore Dance, we understand that not all students will continue to dance or

strive to dance professionally but if they do then the best possible opportunities have been given. 

We aim to create an environment that promotes health, creativity, self-confidence and fosters a love of

dance in a caring and fun environment that provides fantastic results which allows students the

opportunity to shine and reach their full potential. Quality, safe and fun dance training is

something we are proud to provide here at Adore Dance.

We are committed to enabling children from the Whitsundays access to metropolitian innovation

& current styles and experiences & there is no limit to what children can achieve when given the

opportunity, confidence along with skills and knowledge.

Dance is not something we just teach, it is our passion and being able to share that

passion with students is truly valued.

Come learn with the best at Adore Dance and excel while having fun. 

Explore our site for more information, and feel free to reach out with questions.